The Students of SETAC Outreach Blog provides a venue for SETAC students to promote science outreach efforts, explain their research, and communicate important findings in the field of environmental toxicology and chemistry to the general public.

Our goal is to educate and engage the community in current research being conducted in environmental toxicology and chemistry. We hope to accomplish this goal  through (i) reaching out to broader audiences to explain research being done by Students of SETAC and its broader impacts, and (ii) publicizing science outreach efforts of SETAC students, and working to create a resource for students interested in getting involved with outreach by creating this network.

The SETAC Outreach website publishes three general types of blogs:
1) Highlighting science outreach and education efforts
2) Student’s explaining their own graduate research
Summarizing important science and/or publications in the field of
environmental toxicology and chemistry

Regardless of topic, all science should be explained at a high school level. For questions about Students of SETAC Outreach and to become a contributor to our blog please check out the Editing & Writing Guide or contact Jonathan Challis – jkchallis (at) gmail.com.

Click on the links for further information about the North America Student Advisory Council and the Students of SETAC.

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