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Students of SETAC

Alexander MacLeodMacLeod


Graduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park
Research interest: Endocrine disruption, immune function, ecotoxicology, fish biology

Samreen Siddiqui

SETAC-NASAC Outreach Co-chair
PhD student, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, Texas
Research interest:  ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology

Faith Lambert

Graduate Student, University of Florida, Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology
Research interest: Endocrinology and endocrine disruption, comparative physiology, ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology
Summary of research: Developing in vitro assays to use as alternatives to animal testing
Undergraduate university: Michigan Technological University
Hometown: Dryden, MI

Carrie A. McDonough

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rhode Island , Graduate School of Oceanographycarrie
Research interest:  Passive sampling, persistent organic pollutants, emerging contaminants, analytical chemistry, bioaccumulation, non-target analysis, complex mixture toxicity
Summary of research: Investigating pollutants that leach out of consumer products and enter Great Lakes water: where do they come from, and where do they go?
Watch this video demonstrating passive sampling techniques for The Great Lakes and visit the website/blog I run where we explain the latest research in oceanography
Undergraduate university:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Shira JoudanShira

PhD Student, University of Toronto
Research interest:  Environmental Chemistry, organic contaminants, persistence, partitioning, metabolism
Summary of research: Understanding how the fate and reactivity of fluorinated organic contaminants are affected by the presence of different functional groups, in both the outside environment and in humans.
Undergraduate university: Carleton University
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Oluwayinka Iseyemi oluwayinka iseyemi

Graduate Student, Arkansas State University
Research Interests: Water resource management, agriculture, biology,
chemistry, ecology, nutrients, water
Summary of research: Management of agricultural runoff using controlled drainage ditches as innovative best management practices (BMP) tool
Undergraduate University: University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Namrata Senguptanamrata

Graduate Student, Clemson University
Research Interests: Ecotoxicology, Daphnia, ecology, toxicology
Summary of research: Researching effects of environmental contaminants (pesticides and pharmaceuticals) and other stressors (starvation and diet) on Daphnia (freshwater flea)
Undergraduate university: University of Calcutta (India)
Hometown: Calcutta, India

Austin D. GrayAustin

Graduate Student, The Citadel Graduate College
Research interests: Environmental Toxicology, aquatic toxicology, estuaries, microplastics, salt marshes
Summary of research: Effects of microplastics on marine organisms, primarily the daggerblade grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio
Undergraduate university: The Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Hometown: Charleston, SC

Jonathan K. Challis

Graduate Student, University of Manitoba20150724_150626
Research interests: Aquatic chemistry, passive sampling, ecotoxicology, wastewater, pesticides, pharmaceuticals
Summary of research:
 Understanding the presence and exposure of wastewater pollutants in impacted rivers and lakes. Visit my research group’s website for more details.
Undergraduate university: The University of Winnipeg
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Blair PaulikBlair Paulik digging butter clams

Graduate Student, Oregon State University
Research interests: Environmental pollution – air, water, and sediment, exposure assessment, fossil fuels, shellfish 
Summary of research: I am improving how scientists estimate what chemicals people are exposed to in the environment
Undergraduate university: Clemson University
Hometown: Hilton Head, SC

Mandy McDougallMcDougall

Graduate Student, Simon Fraser University
Research interest: Contaminant biomagnification, chemistry, ecotoxicology, foodweb, perfluorinated compounds
Summary of research: I am investigating increasing concentrations of environmental contaminants in an aquatic foodweb
Undergraduate university: McMaster University
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario

Sarah Bowman

Graduate Student, The Ohio State University
Research interest: Metal toxicology, biology, soils
Summary of research: I study the impacts of lead ammunition in soil on small mammals, earthworms, and beetles
Undergraduate university: Baldwin-Wallace University
Hometown: Hinckley, Ohio

Adric OlsonAdric Olson

Graduate Student, Texas Tech University
Research interest: Aquatic toxicology, biology, emerging contaminants, marine toxicology, perfluorinated chemicals, population ecology, risk assessment
Summary of research: I research the impact chemicals have on aquatic organisms and food webs
Undergraduate university: The Ohio State University
Hometown: Centerville, OH

Daniel Millemann

Graduate Student, Rutgers University
Research interest: Aquatic Toxicology, fish, habitat, histology, pathology, water quality
Summary of research: I study the impacts of pollution on water quality and aquatic organisms
Undergraduate university: Elon University
Hometown: Hillsborough, New Jersey


Alistair Brown

Graduate Student, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment
Research interest: Pharmaceutical conjugates, analytical chemistry, HPLC, aquatic chemistry, sediment, wastewater
Summary of research: Characterise exposure to human pharmaceutical conjugates in the aquatic environment and wastewater treatment plants
Undergraduate university: The University of Winnipeg
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada; Melbourne, Australia

Sharon Hartzell20150526_140912

Graduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park
Research interest: Ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, risk assessment, environmental chemistry, heavy metals, PAHs
Summary of research: My study uses ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry techniques to determine the spatial extent and depth of sediment contamination in Bear Creek near Baltimore, MD. I am also exploring how two novel analytical devices – a handheld x-ray fluorescence device and an antibody-based biosensor – might contribute to ecological and human health risk assessments at this contaminated site. To view a video explaining my research click here
Undergraduate university: The College of William & Mary – Williamsburg, VA
Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Jared Bozich

Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – School of Freshwater Sciences
Research interest: Nanotoxicology, Daphnia magna, ecosystem, bozichnanotechnology, toxicology
Summary of research: I study the properties of nanomaterials
(e.g. charge, size, chemistry) most important for predicting their environmental impacts
Undergraduate university: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Louise Stevenson

Graduate Student, University of California Santa Barbara
Research interest: Aquatic toxicology, biology, ecology, ecotoxicology, freshwater, lakes, nanomaterials,  nanoparticles, streamsalgae headshot
Summary of research: effect of nanomaterials on organisms that live in lakes and streams. To view a video explaining my research click here
Undergraduate university: Amherst College, Amherst, MA
Hometown: Dallas, Texas