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Students of SETAC

Alexander MacLeodMacLeod


Graduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park
Research interest: Endocrine disruption, immune function, ecotoxicology, fish biology

Leah Thornton

NASAC Vice Chair
PhD Student, University of North Texas
Research interest: Endocrine disruption, immune function

David Dreier

NASAC Outgoing chair
PhD Student, University of Florida
Research interest: Molecular Ecotoxicology

Sue Robinson

Board of Directors Liaison
Research interest: Ecotoxicology, Ecological & Human Health Risk Assessment

Samreen Siddiqui

SETAC-NASAC Outreach Co-chair
PhD student, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, Texas
Research interest:  E
cotoxicology, aquatic toxicology

Meaghan Guyader

Outreach Co-Chair
PhD Student, Colorado School of Mines
Research interest: Environmental Analytical Chemistry, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Endocrine Disrupting Mixtures

Kevin Stroski

Endowment Fund Liaison
MSc Student, University of Manitoba
Research interest: Analytical Environmental Chemistry

Derek Green

Membership Liaison
PhD Student, University of Saskatchewan
Research interest:
 Ecotoxicology, selenium physiology

Niranjana Krishnan

Career Development Committee Liaison
PhD Student, Iowa State University
Research interest: Ecotoxicology, Risk Assessment

Sivani Baskaran

Science Committee Liaison
PhD Student, University of Toronto
Research interest: Environmental Chemistry


Amanda Buerger

Associate Member
PhD Student, University of Florida
Research interest: Ecotoxicology, public health, microbiome

Heather Ikert

Regional Chapter Representative (Laurentian)
PhD Student, University of Waterloo
Research interest: Aquatic toxicology, physiology, molecular biology

Mariana Cains

Regional Chapter Representative (Ohio Valley) 
PhD student, Indiana University
Research interest: Environmental risk assessment and modeling

Karista Hudelson

Meetings Committee Liaison 
PhD Student, University of Windsor
Research interest: Fate of contaminants in the environment, contemporary and paleo- limnology

Amy Gainer

Publication Advisory Committee
PhD Student, University of Saskatchewan
Research interest: Soil Ecotoxicology

Rachel Leads

M.S. student, College of Charleston
Research interest: Ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology



Shira JoudanShira

Chemistry Interest Group Liaison
PhD Student, University of Toronto

Research interest:  Environmental Chemistry, organic contaminants, persistence, partitioning, metabolism




Jonathan K. Challis

Graduate Student, University of Manitoba20150724_150626
Research interests: Aquatic chemistry, passive sampling, ecotoxicology, wastewater, pesticides, pharmaceuticals