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Alexandra Folcik

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Who is Allie? I’m a PhD student in Toxicology at Texas A&M University, Go Aggies!

What’s her research on? My project focuses on the use of electron beam (eBeam) irradiation technology to remediate algal toxins in drinking water.

Why is it important? Rising temperatures and nutrient pollution are increasing the occurrence of harmful algal blooms around the world. When people or animals drink water that comes from a water source containing an algal bloom, they have the potential to ingest toxins, many of which can damage your brain or your liver. Therefore, it is important to find effective ways to get rid of these toxins and organisms from drinking water plants to prevent exposure.

What’s the most fun/rewarding part? The most rewarding part of my research is being able to bridge the gap between so many different disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, and toxicology. The work I am doing has direct applicability to real world problems and could someday be implemented into treatment processes to make the world a healthier place.

Allie has a science highlight on Instagram to talk about her experiments (follow her @ayohkay12)! She is also active on LinkedIn.